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Anthony is a veteran actor of stage, screen, and television. His projects include award-winning shows, films, and plays produced around the country. He's currently based in Los Angeles.




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Silicon Valley

Mike Judge's send-up of Silicon Valley

Harold Gibbons learns that someone from Pied Piper has been cheating with his wife.

Enthusiasm Abounds

When social justice is automatic... and absolute... Enthusiasm Abounds

An homage to the classic, gritty style of dystopian science fiction of movies like A Clockwork Orange, Soylent Green, and THX-1138.

Project: Puppies for Christmas

A heartwarming adventure filled with giving and kindness

Two young girls plan to get puppies for Christmas from Santa by doing good deeds for a grumpy old neighbor. Little do the girls know that he’s a disgruntled angel sent to find good in the world. Over the next five days, they all learn the true meaning of the Christmas spirit… to love and to give.

Curse of the Phantom Shadow

Classic comic book action and adventure

A modern take on the classic serial adventures that inspired Star Wars and Indiana Jones, this series pilot is aimed at streaming services.

1 Interrogation

Crime drama with a positive message

A deep view into the world of one interrogation expert as he attempts to unravel a series of crimes. Amidst defiance and deception, some find redemption.